Caribbean Vacation Rentals

Regions in Caribbean with Vacation Property Listings

The Caribbean is rich in numerous destinations that attract sun seekers from around the globe. Each Caribbean country has it's own special characteristics and vacation rental options which make each Caribbean destination truly unique. Our experience is that locals are very proud of their island nations and will often boast of their countries beauty and sometimes even claim the greatness of their local rum over another countries. Life moves a little slower in this part of the world so take advantage. Below are Caribbean regions that currently have property listings.

Bahamas (13) Barbados (1) British Virgin Islands BVI (2)
Cayman Islands (13) Dominica (2) Dominican Republic (7)
Puerto Rico (1) St. Kitts and Nevis (1) Trinidad and Tobago (1)
US Virgin Islands USVI (6)

Caribbean Travel and Tourist Information

The Caribbean is a year-round destination with high-season typically occurring from December to April. Shoulder and low-season offer the best vacation rental rates. Hurricanes frequent the Caribbean so bear this in mind if you are looking to book a vacation property in the summer and fall months.

Entry requirements for Caribbean Islands - In general, a valid passport is required for entry to Caribbean countries. For country specific entry requirements, travel links are provided on the country vacation rental search pages.