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In ancient times, Italy was called the Land of Wines. Today, that description still holds, but as travelers know, Italy is also a region rich in culture, art, cuisine, and history. Italy is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe. The popularity of this region is a direct result of the true Italian hospitality which stems back to the ancient times. The landscape of Italy offers a variety of vacation types and destinations. The Alps offer ski vacations and the coastal Mediterranean area draws beach lovers from around the world. Accommodations in Italy are as diverse as the landscape. Travelers can find vacation rentals within a small farming community or within the bustling city of Rome. The bottom line on a vacation in Italy is that it will be a cultural experience that will provide memories for a lifetime. Search for an Italy vacation rental by selecting from one of the regions below.

Calabria (4) Campania (2) Lazio (2)
Lombardia (5) Puglia (3) Sardegna (1)
Sicily (3) Tuscany (7)

Italy Travel and Tourist Information

Italy is a year-round vacation destination. Similar to many European countries, certain parts of Italy are more popular than others throughout the year depending on what activities vacationers are seeking. Vacation rentals in the Alps will be more popular during ski season, while a Tuscan villa will tend to be more popular in the summer months.